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Third Party Authorization - Allowing a third party to work with your bank or mortgage company 

Trustmark National Bank will ask questions before we work with a third party - You should too. 

Trustmark National Bank will not talk with a housing counselor, licensed lawyer or other "third party" about your mortgage unless you authorize the bank to do so, typically by filling out a third party authorization form.   

Why does Trustmark National Bank care?  Trustmark must protect your private financial information. 

Please click here to access The Third Party Authorization Form.

The third party authorization form: 

Makes it easier for Trustmark to protect your information and check for signs of fraud because it asks for information about the third party you are authorizing.
Requires the third party to state that it is following the law.  The person or company signing the form also promises not to charge illegal fees.  This simple step      can help reduce fraud.

What happens when I send in a "Third Party Authorization Form" to Trustmark National Bank? 

What is a Third Party? 

When you ask another person or a company to talk with Trustmark National Bank, that person or company is called a "third party."  A third party could be a             housing counselor or a lawyer that will help you try to get a mortgage modification, for example. 

Who are you authorizing? 

Only authorize a third party you trust.  Many homeowners have been taken advantage of by third parties that ask for money up front and guarantee help but        don't do what they promise.  Some homeowners have been scammed by identity thieves that steal personal financial information.   

What does a third party authorization form look like? 

A third party authorization form says to Trustmark National Bank that you allow a third party to receive information about you and your mortgage.  It may allow      the third party to take actions for you.  There is no single form used by every bank or mortgage company.   

What are you authorizing the third party to do? 

If you sign a Third Party Authorization make sure you know what you are allowing that person or company to do on your behalf.  Ask:  Can the Bank or        Mortgage Company  disclose your financial information, like Social Security number and income, to the third party?  Can the third party make decisions for you?  You need to tell your bank or mortgage company what the third party can do and what the third party cannot do.  On the third party authorization form you can      choose whether you want to allow a third party to work with your bank or mortgage company to try to obtain a mortgage modification for you, for example.  Or,    you can authorize the third party only to receive information so they can help you understand what is happening but you do the work with your bank or mortgage  company. 
Asks if the third party is a lawyer and where the lawyer is licensed.  You can confirm this information by calling your state bar association or checking the state      bar website. 
The Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network, a coalition of many governmental and non-governmental agencies, also provides information and accepts         complaints at

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