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Welcome to Trustmark Mortgage Services.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and thank you for the opportunity to service your mortgage financing needs.  We are ready to assist you and to provide excellent service in the administration of your mortgage loan.

We hope the information in this guide will be useful and simplify the mortgage servicing process.

Monthly Mortgage Loan Statement

Each month you will receive a mortgage statement that includes a coupon for your upcoming, scheduled monthly payment as well as important information regarding your mortgage loan.

Escrow Analysis Statement

Your escrow account (if applicable) will be reviewed on an annual basis.  During this review, the amount of funds being held in escrow for payment of taxes and insurance premiums is analyzed to ensure that the appropriate amount is being collected.  You will receive an Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement which provides detailed information regarding your escrow account and new monthly payment amount.

Year-end IRS 1098 Statement

You will receive a year-end 1098 statement showing the amount of reportable mortgage interest, mortgage insurance paid (if applicable), and any real estate taxes paid on your behalf by Trustmark.  This statement will be mailed to you no later than January 31.

View Detailed Mortgage Information Online

Visit to view detailed mortgage information online.  For new user setup, click on the "Enroll Here" link and follow the enrollment instructions.  

Automatic Draft Program

Take the worry out of making monthly payments by setting up an automatic draft from your checking account.  Follow any of the options below to set up your automatic payment.  

1. Obtain the Monthly Auto Draft Application / Authorization Form.  Instructions are provided on the form.

2. Contact us at 1-800-844-2400 to speak with a customer service representative and request automatic drafts from your checking           account to your mortgage.

3. Pay online with myTrustmark Online and Mobile Banking.

Step 1:  Add your mortgage to your myTrustmark account.
  • Login to myTrustmark and select Messages in the left menu panel.
  • Select "New Conversation" in the upper-right portion of the screen.
  • Select "Online Banking Support" as the recipient.
  • Send a message that states "Please add my mortgage." Within 24 hours, your mortgage will be viewable on your home screen.  

Step 2: Set up a monthly transfer from your Trustmark deposit account to your mortgage.
  • Login to myTrustmark and select "Pay and Transfer" in the left menu panel.  Select "Transfer" in the dropdown menu.  
  • Complete the "From" field by choosing the Trustmark deposit account from which to draft payments.  Choose your mortgage in the "To" field and enter the monthly payment amount.  
  • Check the box next to "Make this a recurring transaction" for the payment to be applied automatically each month.  
  • Complete the request by selecting "Transfer Funds."

myTrustmark Online and Mobile Banking is a free service for all of our customers.  Current Trustmark deposit account customers can take advantage of the benefits of myTrustmark by enrolling.  Mortgage service only customers should call 1-800-Check-24 (select option 3 and then option 2) to enroll.

Register for Homestead Exemption

Homestead exemptions are a type of property tax relief typically allowed for homeowners who use their home as their primary residence. These exemptions reduce the assessed value of the home on which the property tax bills are based.

Each state has different laws regarding homestead exemption. Most states require homeowners to register in person for homestead exemption during the first year of home ownership and the exemption is automatically renewed in subsequent years.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Benefits (SCRA) for Military Personnel

Trustmark supports the U.S. Military by offering specialized banking services for servicemembers, providing career opportunities and a military internship program for servicemembers and veterans, and by contributing to military-focused charitable organizations.

Another way in which we support our military is to make military professionals aware of the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), formerly known as the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act of 1940, and the benefits it offers. The SCRA may offer protection or relief to servicemembers who have been called to active duty. If you have been called to active duty, or you are a spouse or financial dependent of a servicemember who has been called to active duty, and you have not made us aware of your status, please call our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-844-2400 and speak with a customer service representative to learn more about SCRA benefits. General information and a brief overview of SCRA can be found on the Military OneSource website at

Trustmark does not provide legal advice regarding the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Notice of Error or Request for Information

If you believe there is an error or if you need additional information regarding the servicing of your mortgage loan, you must send a written Notice of Error or Request for Information to the following address: 

Trustmark National Bank 
P.O. Box 153
Jackson, MS 39205 

Your Notice of Error or Request for Information must include your name, loan number, and sufficient detail to inform Trustmark of the basis of your Notice of Error or Request for Information. 

Trustmark wants to support you in your homeownership, as well as with your other banking needs.  Enjoy your new home and let us know how we can help you. 

At Trustmark, we know that our success is measured by how well we meet your expectations. We believe that building strong client relationships is the result of knowing our customers, understanding their needs and providing appropriate financial solutions. We appreciate your business and look forward to the continued opportunity to service your financial needs.
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